We are pleased to be associated with organizations that have undertaken important and impactful activities to create a better world. It is a privilege to work with them on sustainability reports, multi-stakeholder engagement initiatives, and management programs.

The following is a small sampling of the projects to which Responsibility Matters has contributed:

• Guiding the preparation of organizational sustainability reports from start to finish, including indicator selection, data management, internal coordination, writing, design, review and publication. These projects have been for numerous first-time and well-seasoned reporters, for companies small and large, and for non-profits.

• Leading multi-stakeholder assessments of companies’ material sustainability issues, performance and reports.

• Developing a supplier code of CSR conduct and due diligence process.

• Researching and advising on indicators to measure sustainability in the dairy industry, for fertilizer use, and for oil sands development.

• Developing curriculum for a university environmental management course.

• Designing, preparing and delivering four two-day workshop on corporate responsibility programs and reporting for approximately 45 employees.

• Facilitating a global effort to improve the GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines.

• Authoring numerous guidebooks for participants in the United Nations Global Compact.

Benchmarking sustainability management and reporting of >50 companies.

• Assessing corporate responsibility data management systems.